Roxanne’s Faster Horses Recap! [Video, Pics & Audio]

Author: Roxanne Steele

The #PartyoftheSummer has come and gone. This was my first time experiencing Faster Horses, the biggest country music festival in the nation, and it definitely lived up to the hype! I was there on Friday with WYCD and I had the time of my life meeting radio fans and country stars!

This was my first time driving out to Brooklyn to the Michigan International Speedway. It was so cool to see all the different areas of campsites and the campers set up. I pulled up at 11a and the party was already on! Lots of tailgate drinking and folks lined up early waiting for the gates to open at noon! My first funny memory is when the gates opened these girls were running full speed ahead screaming, “I have to get to the front of the stage for Sam Hunt!” Mind you he wasn’t playing to nearly 8p that night but they didn’t care! It’s all about being front you baby!

WYCD was set up by the ‘Next from Nashville’ stage area and we had so much fun people watching and saying hi to our country music fans! This guy was a riot in his daisy dukes! And who doesn’t love Captain America!

I was broadcasting live on Friday and had the chance to chat with LoCash before their show on the main stage! We talked about being the underdogs, their new album ‘The Fighters’ and if they’re chasing Pokemon! Take a listen!

After LoCash I was off to meet our Detroit girl Jana Kramer . She was a bundle of sweetness meeting her fans. I couldn’t believe how awesome she looked for just having a baby 6 months ago! She joked how she was wearing spanx! Who you foolin’ girl… Jana is tiny and gorgeous!

I told her how much I loved her new song Circles and when she performed it you could tell the crowd loved it too! Our hometown girl killed it!

Next up was the Jon Pardi meet and greet! I was so excited to meet this cowboy! Pardi literally is the guy bringing country back to country music. His outfit was on point!

Roxanne Steele

Pardi was a riot! It was so hot out there and I was feeling all sweaty and not my best. Hair doing whatever when Jon Pardi says to me, “here put my hat on” and then grabbed my phone and took this picture of me and then continued to snap away! Nothing like a selfie photo shoot with a cowboy!

Roxanne Steele

When Jon Pardi hit the stage the crowd had definitely filled out. When he performed ‘Head over Boots’ the entire crowd of 40,000 or so sang along. What a beautiful moment for Jon Pardi.

I quickly ran to the ‘Next from Nashville’ stage to catch newcomer Brett Young. That was the most packed that area had been all day. WOW did that guy sound good and ladies he looked even better!! That husky voice…..

Loved @BrettYoungMusic @faster_horses with @995WYCD The ‘Next from Nashville’ stage was on fire! #FasterHorses

— Roxanne Steele (@RoxanneSteele) July 16, 2016


After his set I was invited back to meet Brett Young! I was so excited to meet this fellow Californian. Brett and I are from the same area! Brett was so sweet and down to earth. His girlfriend was there hanging out and his whole band was just so much fun. I asked him what it was like being a country fan in Cali. Country music is not as dominate there as it is in other places. Brett said it was tough, and that he was pretty much the only one out of his friends! He then offered me some whiskey and of course I said yes! Cheers to the weekend! He was talking about how Sam Hunt travels with a cross fit trainer and how that is a tour goal to achieve. By the looks of those arms, I’d say whatever he’s doing is working out just fine!

My mission here at Faster Horses was to meet Sam Hunt!!! What country fan and girl doesn’t want to meet that guy!!! I was lucky enough to get in the meet and greet which seemed too good to be true. There was only about 15 of us and we were all freaking out! As I walked up to say hi I couldn’t believe how tall he was, and that smile so big and bright. I felt like he was just as happy to see me as I was to see him. LOL Perhaps it was the fact that I was wearing a WYCD shirt. Every country artist loves our station! At this point in the day I was a hot mess! I felt like I didn’t look that great to be meeting Sam Hunt, but o’well a girl has to seize the moment. With no time for a mirror check here’s my Sam Hunt moment!

After the meet and greet I stuck around and had a chance to chat with Sam. I told him how much I love him at least 3 times! #Fangirl I was OBSESSED with his shoes so I asked him if I could take a picture of them and he was cool with it. At the meet and greet we weren’t allowed to use our phones for the picture.

Aren’t those boots hot?! Sam told me that being a guy who just wears jeans and a t-shirt, he likes to dress up his shoes. I joked how there’s not much I can do outfit wise with my WYCD t-shirt. He laughed and said how he loved my converse hi-tops I was wearing. Who knew I’d sit there and talk shoes with Sam Hunt when my day started. My life is complete.

I only had one day at Faster Horses and I wish I could of went all three days. Next year I’m planning on it!! Save the date everybody!

Who’s in?

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