Garth To Release New Album On His Own

Author: Jason the 200 lb. Cowboy

Garth Brooks is going out on his own. The singer has left his label RCA Nashville, and will release his upcoming solo record on his own Pearl Records.

“I’ve always enjoyed being part of a team. I think you can always be part of something bigger with a team than you can be by yourself,” Garth tells “The Tennessean.” “Would I love to be part of a label group? Sure I would. But with the new streaming income now, I can’t make them money.”

Garth adds that he’s negotiating a deal with a new streaming service, telling the paper it’s “neither of the two partners you think it’s going to be, but it’s one of the biggest partners in the world,” adding that his own service GhostTunes will likely be absorbed by a larger company.

In addition, Garth says he’ll soon announce a significant retail deal with regards to his new album and is even working on a deal with television sports. Garth hopes to have his album, as well as a Christmas album with wife Trisha Yearwood, out in the fall.

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