Gymnast Aly Raisman Listens To Country For Motivation to Compete!

Author: Roxanne Steele

I always find it fascinating to hear about how these athletes get their head in the game to compete.  I mean the pressure alone to be in the Olympics has to be insanely difficult.  Music is the inspiration many turn to including the girl who just took took home the silver in the all around, gymnast Aly Raisman.

Aly expressed that she LOVES country music!  Some of her favorite songs, Rascal Flats ‘Rewind’ also Chase Bryant  ‘A Little Bit Of You.’  Ariana Grande  made her playlist too. I mean who doesn’t’ love that magical voice?!

The 21 year old spends a whopping six to seven hours a day at the gym!  She had this to say about music:

“Music can calm me down or get me pumped up, depending on how I’m feeling. It’s a good distraction since I train most days by myself.”

So what songs and artist motivate you?

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