Jason Aldean Signs On As Brand Ambassador For Field & Stream

Author: Jason the 200 lb. Cowboy

Jason Aldean has signed on to be the brand ambassador for the outdoor retailer Field & Stream, and is featured in a new TV ad for the brand alongside his father Barry.

“Outdoor sports and activities have been a part of my life for as long as I can remember,” Jason shares. “Whether it was hunting with my dad and granddad, or fishing with my girls, it’s always been a way for us to spend time together. So, I naturally am into what Field & Stream is all about, and am looking forward to being part of their team.”

In an interview with People, Jason explains that it was his two daughters 13-year-old Keely and eight-year-old Kendall that inspired him to join the campaign. “Getting them involved in the outdoors is really important,” Jason notes. “For any parent right now, there’s so many other things that can keep kids distracted and keep them from wanting to go outside and do things in the outdoors. Now more than ever, that’s just an important message – to get them out and get them interested in other things.”

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