Disney Star Reveals That She’s Bisexual

Author: Roxanne Steele

Surprise!  Disney star Bella Thorne has revealed that she is bisexual.  Thorne is best known for her role in Shake it Up alongside Zendaya.

Throne took to twitter to discuss.  The chatter began after she retweeted a picture of her kissing another girl.

That’s when a fan asked her this:

She didn’t make a big deal about it but fans were quick to support her on social media.

Thorne, 18, recently split from her boyfriend Gregg Sulkin, 24.  The two dated for over a year. Here’s where it gets interesting…… The picture appears to be a girl by the name of Bella Pendergast, a close friend of Thorne’s who reportedly at one time was dating Thorne’s brother, Remy.  Wonder how her brother feels about this? So much for the bro code… LOL

Bella Thorne is currently filming upcoming Freeform drama series “Famous in Love.”

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