Cole Swindell Makes New Friends At Miss America Pageant

Author: Jason the 200 lb. Cowboy

Cole Swindell spent his Sunday night surrounded by some of the most beautiful women in America, so of course, some are wondering whether or not he met the future Mrs. Swindell. While Cole isn’t divulging too much about a lucky lady, we do know he had a lot of fun hanging out with Mark Cuban, Gabby Douglas and Ciara, who was Facetiming her football-star husband Russell Wilson.

Cole talks about the Miss America pageant. “It was insane that, you know, me, a country artist, was sitting around all of those people, and not to mention the contestants. That was a learning experience for me. They work hard to get there, a lot of girls a lot better looking and smarter than me. It was a cool experience.”

Cole also met an adorable little fan, who sang “Middle of a Memory” with him backstage.

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