Justin Moore Ready For New Ink And He Wants His Wife To Design The Tattoo!

Author: Jason the 200 lb. Cowboy

When Justin Moore‘s oldest daughter Ella was born, he commemorated the moment by getting her birth date tattooed in roman numerals on his forearm. Since then, he and his wife Kate have had two more daughters, Kennedy and Klein, but Justin hasn’t gotten any new ink in their honor for a couple reasons.

Justin talks about needed tattoos for his daughters. “I’m trying to get my wife to draw something. Cause my wife drew one of my other tattoos and she’s a really good artist, but she’s yet to draw anything. The guy who I like to do my tattoos is in Indianapolis, so I haven’t really had time, but I’m sure that when Klein and Ken get a little older, if I ain’t got ‘em done, I’ll catch some flak for that.”

Hopefully, Justin will have the chance to get some new body art after Brantley Gilbert‘s Take It Outside tour wraps up in October. Maybe he’ll get some ink when the tour stops in Detroit next Saturday!

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