Jana Kramer Left Husband Because He Allegedly Cheated

Author: Jason the 200 lb. Cowboy

Jana Kramer’s fans were shocked when news hit last month that she had separated from husband Michael Caussin, especially since they seemed so happy with their new daughter, Jolie. But it turns out, there may be a very good reason Jana decided to give up on her 16-month marriage. According to sources, Michael has been unfaithful, and not just once.

“Mike cheated on her multiple times with multiple women,” a source tells “Us Weekly.” The insider says Jana had suspected he was cheating, but didn’t want to leave the father of her child, until a friend told her that he was sleeping with a paid escort.

Caussin has since gone to rehab for sex addiction, but it doesn’t look like that’s going to save his marriage. “Jana finally woke up — she knew she couldn’t do it anymore,” the source shares. “They’re definitely done.”

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