Jana Kramer’s Husband Apologizes for His Behavior

By Amanda Wicks

Jana Kramer has had a tumultuous personal life when it comes to her romantic relationships. She separated from her third husband, Michael Caussin, in August after accusing him of cheating. He later entered a rehab facility for “undisclosed reasons.” Now, without going into too much detail, he’s taking ownership and offering Kramer an apology.

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“I acknowledge that certain actions and behaviors have caused issues in my marriage and I am deeply sorry for the pain I have caused Jana,” he told People. “I have and will continue to take the steps needed to change who I am as a person in order to be a better husband and father.”

Speaking with the magazine, Kramer admitted that she fell hard for Caussin when they met in 2014. “Mike was the biggest of the betrayals because it was the first time in a relationship where I truly loved the version of me,” she said. “I didn’t feel I had to prove that I was good enough, I was vulnerable and finally at peace with myself.” The two welcomed a daughter in January.

Earlier this week, Kramer opened up about her abusive first marriage. Her husband Michael Gambino choked her to the point of unconsciousness in 2005 and was later arrested and sentenced to six years in prison. Kramer, meanwhile, says she’s turned a corner recently about the toxic relationships she’s had. “I am truly starting to figure out my worth,” she said.

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