Find Out If Someone Died In Your House!

Author: Rob Stone

By: Rob Stone

Unless you built your home and were the first to live in it, you probably wouldn’t know the history of it. Who lived in the house before you? Did they die there? Some people will not purchase a home if they know a person died in that home. Would it change your attitude about your home if you knew someone passed away in the house?

Well there’s a way to find out. Go to the website if you dare. It’s called The site searches records and lets you know if anyone has died in your home. A search costs $11.99. Unless the house is haunted, I really don’t care if someone passed away in it, but surprisingly a death can lower a property’s value by 25%!

On second thought, I would definitely care if someone was murdered in my house or even committed suicide. It would be hard not to think about the horrible past every day.

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