Frank Williams Jr. Needs Your Help!

Author: Rob Stone

By: Rob Stone & Holly Hutton

Frank Williams Jr. needs your help. He’s a brand new Dad and all of his hard earned money goes to taking care of his beautiful little girl Luna. The other day he came in to work wearing a flannel, big country belt buckle and old worn out basketball shoes…

Help us, help Frank complete his wardrobe with his first pair of cowboy boots. Any extra money will be going to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital!

We figured he can get a decent pair of boots for around $100, so we set our goal at $300 to make sure we have extra for St. Jude. Everyone who donates even a dollar will get a shout out and a WYCD sticker if you call and tell us you donated! Here’s the link:

By the way Frank had no idea we were doing this, so we know he’ll be so appreciative if we raise enough to get him his 1st pair of boots!

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