Darius Rucker Gets Animated

Author: Frank Williams Jr.

Darius Rucker is lending his voice to the Nickelodeon preschool program “Blaze and the Monster Machines.” Darius voices a falcon truck named Thunderwing, and tells “Billboard” it wasn’t such a stretch to go from music to voicing an animated character.

“The funny thing is it really is a lot [like making music],” he says. “You really gotta get there, bring energy to it and try to bring a reality to it that is a lot like singing.”

He adds, “When I’m singing a song, I’m in that song, and I’m thinking about what emotions I should bring to the song. Voicing a character was very similar. It was high energy, and I had to really think about the emotion of what was going on in the scene.”

Darius’ character will be featured in six episodes sometime next year.

Source: Billboard

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