Opening Day aka Deer Widows Gone Wild!

Author: Rob Stone

By: Rob Stone

Happy Opening Day deer hunters! November 15th marks the day all the boys head up north to chase after that big buck, while the girls stay at home and go wild! There are big sales at many shopping centers for the deer widows and also drink specials at many bars.

My on-air partner, Holly Hutton, just happens to be a deer widow this week/weekend and she plans on getting wild in her own way. While her husband is away she plans to redecorate their master bedroom by painting it PINK! Yes I said the master bedroom pink. Not the baby room.

I would NOT be happy if I came home to a pink bedroom. So now the question is, what have YOU done while your significant other was away on a hunt that he did not appreciate? Call our show at 313-298-1999 or leave a comment below…

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