It’s National Unfriend Day And It’s Ridiculous!

Author: Rob Stone

By: Rob Stone

I understand that sometimes we all need a friend cleanse. Try to surround yourself with positive, understanding people who won’t bring you down. If some of your friends are constantly negative and are holding you back, you might need to unfriend them. I suppose this is what today is all about, but some people lose friends for some pretty outrageous reasons.

A New York man is now looking for a new best man because his recently unfriended him on facebook and dropped out of his wedding! Why? Because the former best man saw the future married couple at a Trump victory party. Ridiculous right?

Being able to think differently is what makes this country great. If that guy couldn’t handle his best friend at a Trump rally, I say he was never a friend at all.

What’s the craziest reason someone unfriended you? Leave a comment below or call our show at 313-298-1999!

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