Florida Georgia Line Knows Who Needs To Lead

Author: Frank Williams Jr.

Florida Georgia Line’s latest album, “Dig Your Roots,” features a few songs with Brian Kelley on lead vocals. While this is normally Tyler Hubbard‘s territory, and he says there’s never a debate about “who takes what,” saying they “just pick the best man for the job.”

During an interview, Tyler talked about sharing the lead vocals with B.K. on some of FGL’s songs.  

“I mean, clearly ‘While He’s Still Around,’ I mean that’s a B.K. song,” Tyler explains. “I wouldn’t even make sense for my voice to be on the lead in that song.” He goes on to say that a song like “Island” was the same thing. “We all just heard B.K.’s voice on it,” says Tyler. “It was cool to watch that song come to life with B.K. killing the vocals in the studio and it was kind of a different fresh sound for us.”

Hubbard added that Kelley’s done his share of lead singing on past albums, a fact that often goes unmentioned. Starting now, perhaps that’ll change!

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