Ariana Grande is a Dangerous Woman & Super Bowl Excitement in Weekend Celebrity Wrap-Up! [Video]

Author: Roxanne Steele

What a weekend! The Super Bowl was outstanding and I’ll get to that. First Ariana Grande kicked off the weekend with her Dangerous Woman Tour and made it known that females are the future!

The Best New Artist nominee at the upcoming Grammy’s had a lot of fun playing “Wheel of Musical Impressions” on Jimmy Fallen.  Alessia Cara NAILED it!


And now it’s time to recap the big game on Sunday!  Luke Bryan kicked off the excitement singing our National Anthem and it was beautiful!

As my team was getting crushed, Jason Aldean was celebrating his Falcons!

All the hype for this game honestly in my opinion was the halftime show with Lady Gaga and her performance was ELECTRIFYING!!

Lady Gaga was SPECTACULAR!  Social media was on fire, and it was nothing but love for the pop star! Her performance was the most tweeted one in HISTORY. It was tweeted 5.2 Million times & 1.2 MILL more than last year. Our Detroit Piston was feeling it!

The star of the new Baywatch movie liked the mom and dad shout out!!  That was so adorable!

After Lady Gaga’s EPIC performance it was time for the second half. Everyone watching witnessed the greatest comeback in sports!  As a BIG Patriot and Tom Brady fan, this game was EVERYTHING!  Yes I was tweeting along all night watching the excitement go down! This was the first Super Bowl to ever go into overtime. What a game!!

Love this emotional tweet!

If you turned the game off for whatever reason, you missed Roger Goodell, the NFL Commissioner getting BOOED!  JV found it funny.

I LOVE Tom Brady’s emotions.  He’s such a great leader and passionate guy!

This win was bittersweet for Brady who had to deal with the deflated ball issue! I LOVED this tweet from ESPN’s Merril Hoge!


So many of our country stars are Falcons fans.  It was a tough loss.  Even I felt bad because it seemed like Atlanta had it!

The guy is still trending! You have to give it up for Julio Jones!

Say what you want but Tom Brady is Michigan pride!

Usually the Super Bowl buzz is the commercials but this year not so much.   Did you have a favorite moment or tweet you saw out there?

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