Scotty McCreery’s New Album Almost Done! “I Hope They’re Ready For It”

I love you this big Scotty!!  We have been waiting for details on a new album from Scotty McCreery and it looks like we are closer to getting it.  

“ We had a big meeting today and it’s looking like we are moving forward with a date coming up pretty soon. Can’t give it to you just yet, but it’s fairly soon. I would say we’re excited about it.”

Clearly us diehard fans are excited!! Scotty added that he’s ready to give it us!

” I hope they’re ready for it, cause I’m ready to give it to them.”


It’s rumored that his first single is going to be THIS song called, “Five More Minutes” so take a listen!

So are you excited like me for new music from Scotty McCreery?!

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