The RD Party with Russell Dickerson Coming to the Hoedown! [AUDIO]

Author: Roxanne Steele


A couple weeks ago Thomas Rhett kicked off his Home Team Tour right here in Saginaw.  On that tour is a singer named Russell Dickerson.  Maybe you’ve heard of him, maybe you haven’t, but it’s time y’all do! 

I had the pleasure to meet this energetic country star when he stopped by WYCD where we debuted his new song ‘Yours’ in my new music spotlight. I learned that there’s been an RD party going on for awhile, and it’s time we get on board!  WYCD is SO excited to bring Russell Dickerson to the 2017 Hoedown!  Take a listen to my chat with Russell.

Here’s the beautiful video his wife shot for Yours.   This is such a powerful song! Get ready to hear a LOT more of Russell Dickerson!

I can’t wait to get my party on with Russell Dickerson at the Hoedown!!  Who’s getting tickets?!

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