The “Good” News: Woman Tracks Down Kids Who Stole Her Windchime So She Could Forgive Them

Author: Frank Williams Jr.

When a Washington state woman’s wind chimes were stolen, she wasn’t upset because the thief left a note about why he did it. Christina Reitz says the note was from a boy who writes that his sister took the wind chimes because of the butterfly design on it, which reminded them of their mom who had recently died.

“I’m sorry,” the note reads. “This is the only money I have. Please do not be mad.” It was signed Jake, and it included $5.

With an explanation like that, Reitz wasn’t mad, she just wanted to find Jake. And thanks to Facebook, she was able to and she’s been in contact with his family. “He did try to make things right, and I do forgive him,” Reitz says. “They are grieving and everything is overwhelming for them.”

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