March 21st is Fragrance Day!

Author: Frank Williams Jr.

 Have you ever been transported back in time simply by catching the scent of loved one’s perfume? Maybe it was a combination of ginger and molasses, and suddenly you were in your grandmother’s kitchen.

Whatever the fragrance, scents and emotional response are powerfully linked. We associate summer with the smell of freshly cut grass, thunderstorms with the smell of damp air and the acrid scent of sulfur when lightning has struck. We often connect memories of winter holidays with warm smells of baked pies and cookies.

Our memories are most closely linked to those we have loved.

That’s why when you smell certain floral fragrance, you might immediately think about your first love (even if you haven’t thought about them in 20 years). Maybe it’s spicy pipe tobacco that makes you think of the uncle who taught you to tie intricate knots as he told war stories. Smell is an amazing sense – so celebrate it!

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