Keith Urban Makes Justin Moore and Michael Ray Nervous

By Staff

Throughout the day today (April 1), Phoenix’s KMLE has been hosting artists interviewing other artists at their ACM Awards Radio Row booth (watch all of them at their Facebook page). Earlier today, Justin Moore and Michael Ray got together and were discussing the finer points of Keith Urban, who they’d played a show with last night.

“It’s always good to see Keith,” Moore noted. “I mean, you talk about a stud…”

“He’s like, distracting, whenever you talk to him,” Ray noted. “I’m like, ‘I don’t know why I can’t stop looking at you!'”

“He came in my dressing room after we played, and my wife fainted,” Moore mused.

“I didn’t invite my girlfriend for that reason!” Ray admitted.”Australian accent, great hair, guitar player… nah. And a great guy! Good Lord!” Don’t worry guys; Keith’s taken.

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Moore and Ray also discussed the latter’s next album, and you can watch the interview below.

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