Dustin Lynch And Kelly Osbourne Spark More Relationship Rumors

Author: Rachael Hunter

Dustin Lynch and Kelly Osbourne, daughter of rocker Ozzy Osbourne, first made headlines for a possible romance last year after hanging out together backstage at the Stagecoach Festival in California. A couple days later, Kelly was spotted wearing a ball cap from Dustin’s  “Stay Country” apparel line, adding fuel to the fire. Now, Dustin and Kelly have people wondering again after she posted a video to Instagram on Tuesday (April 4th) of them blowing out a candle on a piece of cheesecake with a caption that reads, “With my boo @dustinlynchmusic #celebrating our first anniversary! #TheOddCouple,” as both of them hold up their fingers in a Number One sign.

Dustin tells us exclusively that while the publicity he got last time she sported his Stay Country apparel was nice, they’re just great friends. “You know, I have not pulled that card on her yet. I’m sure I will. She’ll probably . . . We have that kind of friendship where she’s gonna bash anything I put out anyways but, no, I love Kelly. We keep in touch and she is absolutely doing her own thing in the fashion world and killing the game, so I’m so happy to see her success continue. She’s wonderful.”

Dustin is racing up the charts with “Small Town Boy,” the second single off of his upcoming album.

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