Eric Church Discusses Writing ‘Round Here Buzz’

By Hayden Wright

Eric Church’s single “Round Here Buzz” describes catching a buzz in a small town — but the idea required a bit of finesse in the studio. Co-writers Jeff Hyde and Luke Dick worked with Church to perfect the Mr. Misunderstood track as it came to life in sessions.

“We changed it some and tweaked it some,” he said in a new promotional video. “The song needed to just be played. I felt like it had been kinda written and had been boxed in a little bit with everybody saying, ‘It’s a hit song,’ The soul of the song, to me, was just us playing it.”

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“I think it’s funny that Luke came by to make sure we weren’t messing up the song,” Church recalls. “I fully feel like he left thinking we had messed up the song. [That look of] panic, it was more panic than concern.”

Watch Church talk about the song’s inspiration here:

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