North Carolina Girl, 5, Throws Costco-Themed Birthday Party

Author: Frank Williams Jr.

A 5-year-old North Carolina girl with a love of retail was treated to the birthday party of her dreams: A Costco-themed extravaganza.

Niki Walker said her daughter, Kimber, has been asking for a Costco-themed birthday party for the past two years, and her family decided to oblige her after a year of medical troubles.

“She just loves Costco,” Walker told Babble.

“She’s pretty quirky, so it goes right along with her personality,” she told

The party featured guests decorating their own Costco membership cards, which they were then required to display in order to go on a mini shopping trip using “money” bearing Kimber’s face to purchase Kirkland Signature — Costco’s house brand — treats.

Walker said their local Costco got in on the action, supplying Kimber with an employee badge and a cake bearing the store’s logo.

“The employees took pictures of the cake,” Walker said. “They were really ecstatic to do it.”

“We told them that she was going to have a Costco-themed birthday party and asked if they would print her … an employee badge,” Walker told “She wore it the rest of the time there and pointed it out to all the employees.”

Walker said the theme was a big hit with Kimber’s friends.


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