Garth Brooks Sends Injured Fan a Gift!

Author: Roxanne Steele

Garth Brooks really does love his fans. The singer reportedly sent an awesome package to a man who was injured on the way to his show.  This happened back in February.  Jake Stroud was on his way to pick up his girlfriend to see Garth’s show in Memphis when he lost control of his vehicle.  He crashed his pickup truck and became pinned underneath.  Jack ended up with two broken bones in his arm and another in his thigh. Ouch!

Jake’s family and friends took to social media to try and grab Garth’s attention hoping he could do something to cheer him up.  It eventually worked and Garth sent him a large box filled with T-shirts, hats, and other signed memorabilia. What a guy!

“I was just shocked at as many things as he sent me,” Stroud told KNTV. “He didn’t have to do anything for me. I was just going to his concert. Shows what kind of person he is.”

Jack is still recovering from the horrific ordeal, but hopes to make it to his first Garth Brooks concert once he is fully recovered.

And just because I love Garth and JT!

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