Parmalee Drops New Single “Sunday Morning” and Details on New Album! [audio]

Author: Roxanne Steele

By: Roxanne Steele

Parmalee played Coyote Joes Friday night (4/14) and what a party it was!!  Earlier that day Matt from Parmalee called me at WYCD to talk about their new single, “Sunday Morning” and revealed details about their new album.  Take a listen if you missed it!

At the show I was so surprised that Matt dedicated “Roots” to me ( the one time I didn’t have my video rolling) I was so touched that he remembered that I told him it was my favorite song…  We can’t out run these roots baby!


Parmalee also shared with me that WYCD  was the first time they heard their new single “Sunday Morning” on the radio! How cool is that?! It’s an amazing new record so y’all go check it out!!  Here’s a little taste of the show!

Also check out of Facebook live video! Up next at Coyote Joes it’s Drake White on Thursday April 20th! Win tickets all weekend!

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