This Bra-Washing Hack Is Brilliant

Author: Rachael Hunter

If you’re like most of us, you don’t hand wash your bras and washing them in the machine is a pain, too. So we all end up wearing those things way longer than we should without washing them. And that’s why you’re going to love this easy way to clean your bras – it’s actually a game-changer.

All you need is some baby shampoo and a salad spinner – remember that thing? It’s the kitchen tool you never use. And all you have to do is fill the spinner with warm water and two tablespoons of baby shampoo. Put the bras in the water and get them saturated. Let them soak for 10 minutes and then give them a few spins.

It’s like the spin cycle on the washing machine, but it’s gentle enough to protect those underwires. Then drain the dirty water and add cold water and keep spinning and rinsing until the soap is all gone and the water runs clear.

Then you just GENTLY squeeze the bra with a towel to get the water off – don’t twist or wring the bras. Then give a few more spins to get more water off and lay them flat to dry. And that’s it! They advise doing the salad spinner wash every four to seven wears, but you can be the judge of that. And maybe with this new hack, we won’t avoid washing them like we do now.

Source: Scary Mommy

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