Is Blake Shelton Retiring From Music?

Author: Rachael Hunter

It’s hard to take Blake Shelton seriously since he loves to kid around so much, and let’s hope that’s the case with his latest interview.

In case you missed it, during an interview with “Entertainment Tonight” Blake claimed that his next record would likely be his last. And believe it or not, he suggested that he had originally planned to hang things up after his latest album, “If I’m Honest.”

“I mean, that last album I made was gonna be my last — this next album I’m makin’s probably gonna be my last album,” he said. “So I really gotta decide what I wanna do.”

Another reason to believe he was probably not serious? He also mentioned that he’s ready to give up “The Voice” as well. “I don’t do entertainment anymore, kids,” he added.

Source: Sounds Like Nashville

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