Rachael Hunter’s Outfit From The Michigan International Women’s Show

Author: Rachael Hunter

by: Rachael Hunter

Every year, I get together with a few of my girlfriends and we head to the Suburban Collection Showplace, in my hometown of Novi, for the Michigan International Women’s Show! It’s honestly one of my favorite times of the year. This year, I went with my friend Jodi. We first went to the bar and grabbed a drink, then we started off.

One of the booths that I look forward to each year is called Annabella’s Closet. They always have the off the shoulder shirts that I love wearing. The past couple of years, I’ve gotten to the Women’s Show near the end of the weekend. However this year, I’m here at the beginning of the show. Which means the shirts hadn’t been picked through! I found a few shirts that I loved and I’m wearing one of them today!

I also found an awesome booth, Fab Brows, that sold this amazing eyebrow shaping tool! It was so simple the shape my eyebrows, it took no time!

Rachael Hunter’s outfit from the Michigan International Women’s Show

Finally, there was a booth selling the most adorable pets. They’re Sugar Gliders and the booth is called Pocket Pets. They are so cute and apparently have no scent so dogs and cats, aren’t bothered by them.

Here is a list of all the vendors at the Women’s Show. Have fun! I did!

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