Miss USA Crowned In Las Vegas

Author: Rachael Hunter

This year’s Miss USA crown goes to Miss District of Columbia Kara McCullough. The 25-year-old is a scientist with the Nuclear Regulatory Commission who will now go on to compete for the title of Miss Universe.

The first runner-up was Miss New Jersey Chhavi [[ CHAH-vee ]] Verg and the second runner-up was Meridith Gould of Minnesota. This is the second year in a row that the title of Miss USA has gone to the contestant from DC.

McCullough’s win isn’t without controversy, however. During an interview segment, she was asked if healthcare is a right or privilege (she said privilege) and about feminisim (she doesn’t like the term ‘feminist’, she prefers the term ‘equalist.’) That has set off a firestorm the Garden State, where folks there say Verg’s answers should have netted her the win.

Source: Entertainment Weekly

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