Garth Brooks Brings Crowd to Tears: ‘You are the People I Want to Play for’ [VIDEO]

Author: Roxanne Steele

Garth Brooks has done it again!   The country superstar was playing a show at the Sprint Center in Kansas City when he spotted a fan with down syndrome in the audience. Also in the audience was country fan Tara sitting next to him.

Garth spotted the down syndrome fan in the crowd and walked over so he could hand his guitar down. That’s when Tara reached for it thinking it was for her.   The guitar however was meant for Nick, the fan with down syndrome.   As soon as she realized who Garth’s target for the guitar was, she handed the prized six-string over.  Garth finished performing his song and then stopped the show to share what he saw to the audience. To the surprise of the crowd, Garth walked over to the edge of the stage and handed ANOTHER guitar to Tara.

Garth had this to say about witnessing this touching moment.

“In touring, what defines an artist is the kind of people that show up when that artist comes through town.  I will forever remember what I just saw seconds ago. I handed the guitar down to a young boy and there was a young lady, a very beautiful young lady, right there that thought that I was handing to her. Her face lit up until she realized I was handing it to the boy next to her. And when she saw it go to the boy next to her, her face got even happier than it did when I was handing it to her. You are the people I want to play for. ”

The local news station, WDAF got the story!

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