Fake Homeless Woman Gets Exposed in McDonald’s Parking Lot & it’s Glorious

Author: Jon Corrigan

By: Jon Corrigan 

A couple dudes recently exposed a woman pretending to be homeless in Richmond, VA — and it’s extremely satisfying to watch.

It quickly becomes clear they’ve been tracking the woman for awhile, calling her out for parking her 2014 Fiat in the same McDonald’s parking lot everyday. Even better, the woman’s first flustered-instinct is reaching in her purse to call the cops, something she wisely thinks twice about because, well, why would a truly homeless person have a cell phone? I digress.

The rest of the encounter doesn’t get any better, as she fails to rally McDonald’s employees and innocent bystanders to assist her.

It turns out, social justice is a dish best served in a McDonald’s parking lot.

[ Update: She was arrested less than 24 hours after this video went viral. More here. ]

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