Detroit is Among the Top 10 Best Cities for Single Men

Author: Jon Corrigan

By: Jon Corrigan 

A recent study has listed Detroit among the 10 best U.S. cities for single men.

The study, conducted by moveBuddha, used stats such as median age, nightlife per square mile, female to male ratio, percentage of population unmarried, and one bedroom average rent to determine the best cities for single men in the US.

The Motor City ranked fourth on the list.

“Detroit might get a bad rap, but it’s a fantastic place if you’re a single guy. A full two-thirds of the population is unmarried, and there are more than 100 women for every 90 dudes. In simple terms, there are lots of single women.”

Here’s the full list:

10. Knoxville, TN
9. St. Louis, MO
8. Cleveland, OH
7. Baton Rouge, LA
6. Baltimore, MD
5. Pittsburgh, PA
4. Detroit, MI
3. Boston, MA
2. Richmond, VA
1. Cincinnati, OH

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