Geese Dump On Disneyland Guests…Literally!

Author: Frank Williams Jr.

Picture it: you’re at the “happiest place on earth,” at Disneyland, on Main Street near the Sleeping Beauty Castle, your just about to take a bite of that $26.12 candy apple you’ve been saving for just the right moment, and poop starts to rain down from the sky.

That’s exactly what happened (well, maybe not exactly) to a group of 17 Disneyland visitors when a flock of geese let go in flight. According to Anaheim police and fire officials, they were called after a report came in that feces had been thrown on theme park visitors.

A hazardous materials team was sent in and it was quickly determined the geese were to blame. Authorities took the poop-smeared visitors to a private restroom to clean up, where they were given clean clothes.

Source: Yahoo! News

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