Lady Antebellum Release “Heart Break Hotel” Video

Author: Jason the 200 lb. Cowboy

Lady Antebellum released their new album, “Heart Break,” last Friday and they want fans to not only listen to it, but to visualize it as well. The band just released the cinematic “Heart Break Hotel” video, which weaves all 13 tracks into one video experience.

Lady A members Charles Kelley, Dave Haywood and Hillary Scott took a brand new approach to writing for Heart Break. Charles and Dave tell us the process definitely made for a fresh attitude and sound. “We went out to L.A. and rented a house together and like worked out of a home studio and I think you can hear it through songs like ‘You Look Good,’ and that’s what we were feeling. We were like reinspired. (Dave) The process changed, I think, the result this time a lot, and for us to be in a home together with each other’s undivided attention I think really affected the songs. Like Charles was saying, a lot of those exciting songs were written while we were living in a house together out in L.A. and Florida as well, so the process was just different this time around and I think we feel more refreshed and re-energized because of that. I think that’s the feeling overall of the sound of the record as well.”

The video, directed by Hodges Usry, was shot at the Madonna Inn on California’s Coast, and features a different story behind each of the hotel’s doors.

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