Lee Brice Shares His Infamous Father’s Day Story

Author: Jon Corrigan

By: Jon Corrigan 

Lee Brice’s “infamous” story about the time he got caught taking his dad’s truck mudding is the perfect Father’s Day anecdote.

“I was driving my Daddy’s bad to the bone, clean, 1987 four wheel drive Silverado. Beautiful, right.  He let me drive it on a date and couple of my buddies were out and we were all hanging out.  One of them convinced me to take the truck out mudding.  So we take it flying through the mud and doing all of the things we shouldn’t have been doing with my Daddy’s truck.  I was scared to death the whole time.  So I was like, ‘we are taking this straight to the washer.'”

“We went and washed this truck like you would with a toothbrush because I knew I’d be in trouble.  Drove the truck home.  Went to bed and woke up the next morning and Daddy said, ‘You have fun last night with the truck in the mud?’  I was like ‘So…. how’d you know?’  He said ‘You might want to wash the top of the truck next time.’ He got me.”

Brice and his wife Sara welcomed their third child, daughter Trulee Nanette Brice, into the world on June 2.

The country singer posted a photo of the three of them with the caption, “We are so blessed and beyond overjoyed to bring our precious baby girl into the world. She’s beautiful, happy and healthy, we could not ask for anything more. Introducing Trulee Nanette Brice.”


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