The Top Reasons Men & Women Cheat

Author: Frank Williams Jr.

Having a spouse that cheats is obviously a terrible thing, and it may sometimes leave women thinking there was something they could have done to prevent it from happening. Well, according to a new report, the chances are pretty good that no matter what they would have done their guy would have strayed anyway!

Superdrug surveyed over 2,000 Europeans and Americans. The survey revealed the reasons behind why men cheat, and while you may think boredom would be the top answer… IT ISN’T EVEN IN THE TOP 3!

In fact, the number one reason a guy will cheat on his partner is because the person he cheated with is really hot…..

 Top Five Reasons Men Cheat

As for women, their top excuses are more emotional than physical with the number one reason being that their partner stopped paying attention, followed by their cheating partner being there for them.

Top Five Reasons Women Cheat

Source: Superdrug

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