Kip Moore Talks New Album Dropping Sept. 8th!

Author: Roxanne Steele

One of country’s hardest working artist, Kip Moore just announced his new album, Slowheart dropping on Sept. 8th.  Moore talked with RS Country about his new album and by the sound of things, us Moore fans are in for a real treat with this new studio album.

Looks like his song “Guitar Man’ tells a great story.

“That song is my life story.  I remember being that guy, having all those dreams. Constantly feeling like, ‘Am I ever going to get where I want to get?’ And that night, I overheard someone say, ‘Man, that guy is good.’ No one knew his name, he was faceless. I just remember being him, giving everybody the time of their lives one night. And then I would go home by myself and feel empty, because there was so much more I could accomplish.”

Having met so many country artist here at WYCD they tell me all the time how it’s a grind out there on the road playing show after show and trying to reach “commercial success” which Moore expressed is no easy ride.

“I believe in music so much, and I care so much, that it’s a double-edged sword.  It’s what has made me successful, and it’s what has made me a depressed human being at times. I face that pendulum swing so much. The toils of facing a crowd, 175 shows a year. Maybe other artists can have a show that is not that great and walk away. Me? I will spiral. I’ll think of that one despondent face in the crowd and ask, ‘Why couldn’t I sway that one person?’ That’s the fiery human being I am.”

And his thoughts on social media:

“There are a few pros to social media, but, for the most part, it’s pretty destructive to the soul.  People seek all their validation through it and end up craving other people’s lives. It’s caused everyone to chase fame for the sole purpose of being famous or insta-famous. Everyone wants a shortcut, and will try to achieve that by whatever means necessary. It causes people to lose their damn minds.”

No doubt Kip Moore fans embrace his style and his shows and his music.  Keep grinding Kip and we can’t wait for the new album!

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