Eric and Jessie Back for Season 3!

Author: Roxanne Steele

Fans of this reality show will be super excited to hear that Eric and Jessie are back!  The new season kicks off Sept. 6th on E!.  The country music star, Jessie James Decker, stopped by E!’s Daily Pop with the news!

“We took a really big break because as soon as I had Vivianne, I just remember looking at her in the hospital bed and we were just finishing season two and I was like, ‘You know what? I need a break,'” Jessie revealed. “And I don’t want my infant children around cameras right now. I want just this personal time. I don’t want this around us. So it was really important to me. We took three years, almost four years break from the show. And it just finally felt like it was OK and the time to do it.”

After being released from the Jets, Eric Decker just got picked up to play for the Tennessee Titans! The family definitely has some new adventures ahead of them!  Season 3 will follow Eric’s careers, and will show fans her  “amazing family life.”

“We want to showcase what family is like for us,” she gushed. “We sit down at the dinner table every night together and say our prayers and thank god for our food and just talk to each other. That’s really important to showcase I think, that love you have for each other as a family.”

So are you exciting for season three?!

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