Let’s face it, when it comes to having babies, men have it easy. Pregnancy can be tough on a woman, which is something men will never truly understand, and because of that many guys say completely stupid things to their pregnant wives when the should be at their beck and call giving them anything they want for carrying their spawn.

Well, a new thread on Reddit’s BabyBump forum has a bunch of moms revealing the ridiculous things their partners have said during their pregnancy and it’s amazing any of them are still married to these fellas (and some aren’t).

Stupid things men have said to their pregnant partners include:

  • “Me: ‘God, I look like a cow…’ DH: “Well, you’d bring home the blue ribbon for sure!'”
  • “Could a c-section be worse than getting my appendix out?”
  • “My ex-husband (first baby, 10 years ago) used to say ‘you shouldn’t have opened your legs then’ when I complained.”
  • “Childbirth is so natural – I don’t know why people make such a big deal about it.”
  • “So glad the hospital has free Wi-Fi! I’ll be able to stream the game.”
  • “Once we were watching something where a woman was in labor, and my husband goes ‘Why do women yell and scream so much during birth? It’s so unnecessary.’”
  • “My ex (and father of my unborn child) said to me yesterday: ‘have you got any idea how difficult this pregnancy is for me?’ and quite regularly texts me to say ‘this is so hard on me, can’t you be a bit more supportive?’”
  • “Went in to our Marshall’s clothing store to see if they had a maternity section, they didn’t. Husband: ‘Isn’t plus-size the same thing?’”
  • “Probably my first pregnancy, where my husband said ‘hey, your belly is bigger than your a** now!’”
  • “I’ve been farting. Bad. BAD. And my husband said, ‘Oh don’t blame this on pregnancy too.’ Like, hello? Have you smelled anything like this come out of me before?”
  • “My coworker (whose wife is super pregnant): ‘Well, I’ve passed kidney stones twice, so I think I know what it feels like.’”

Source: Reddit


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