You Can Now Buy Every Ben & Jerry’s Flavor Online

Author: Frank Williams Jr.

Have you ever been craving a certain Ben & Jerry’s flavor and just can’t seem to find it in any of your local stores? Well, fret no more, because now all of the ice cream company’s delicious flavors are available online.

That’s right, the Vermont company has now made every one of their close to 50 flavors, as well as Ben & Jerry’s merchandise and pint slices, available for purchase online. According to company reps, Ben & Jerry’s decided to offer the option because they “want to make it easy for our fans to buy the flavors they love.”

Unfortunately, they didn’t exactly make it cheap for fans to get any flavor they want. Online pints go for $6.99 and folks won’t be able to use coupons or promotions. In addition, it will cost $19 for two-day shipping, and with that wait it won’t exactly be able to satisfy your midnight craving Cherry Garcia right away.

Source: The Huffington Post

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