Autism Speaks Michigan Movie Night for Families!

Author: Roxanne Steele

The Autism Speaks Walk of Michigan is coming up Sept. 16th.  To get ready for the big fundraiser, there’s a kick off movie event on August 12th and Emagine Theaters in Novi.   Lisa Radtke from Autism Speaks Michigan came by to talk about the walk and kid friendly movie night. Take a look!

So mark your calendars to be apart of these great events with Autism Speaks of Michigan.   Whether it’s your family or someone you know that lives with an autistic child, this is a great opportunity to network in a safe environment.

Be sure to join the Autism Speaks Michigan Walk and come support this wonderful organization. They’re still looking for teams and volunteers. For all the details about the walk and movie night, check out their Facebook page.   Search for Autism Speaks Michigan or click HERE!




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