What Kind of Drunk Are You?

Author: Rob Stone

By: Rob Stone

If you’re into your Zodiak sign and what it all means you’re going to love this! Your Zodiak sign says a lot about your personality, but do you agree that it can tell what kind of drunk you are? Everyone acts a certain way when they get a little tipsy. Some are the giggly happy type, some are the angry type and the list goes on and on.

I am a Taurus and Holly is an Aries and we think this list is SPOT ON! Check it out…

What Kind of Drunk Are YOU?

Aries – The No Filter

Gemini – The Won’t Shut Up!

Pisces – The Daring Drunk

Cancer – The Igniter

Leo – The Dancer

Sagittarius – The Spontaneous One

Virgo – The Lame One

Libra – The Lack of Control

Capricorn – The Classy One

Aquarius – The Exaggerator

Scorpio – The Smart Ass

Taurus – The Happy Smiley One

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