Man Suing Heineken Claims There Were Geckos In His Beer Can

Author: Frank Williams Jr.

According to George Toubbeh, he cracked open a 24-ounce can of Heineken in 2015 and found two dead geckos inside. Now, he’s going to court.

The Florida man claims he became violently ill from the beer and went to the emergency room. What’s more, Toubbeh says he still suffers from severe gastrointestinal ailments, emotional distress, anxiety and trauma and missed several weeks of work.

Heineken, understandably, says the accusations are false. “Heineken USA holds the safety and integrity of the products we import to the highest standards,” spokeswoman Tara Rush explains. “We have investigated this isolated claim, and based on a number of factors, we confidently believe there is no merit to this claim.”

Toubbeh is suing for an unspecified amount in damages.

Source: The Orange Country Register 

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