Luke Bryan Gets SMACKED in Face by Fan’s Bra [VIDEO]

Author: Roxanne Steele

Luke Bryan is used to having women throw their undergarments at him onstage. Just the other day it happened again, but this time nailed Luke in the face!!

During his sold out show at the Lakeview Amphitheater in Syracuse, one brave fan threw her bra on stage accidentally hitting Bryan in the face. He took it in good graces asking the audience to, “kinda watch the face” after the fan tossed her bra at him.  “Don’t hit me in the face with something your boobies were in.”


Not only did the singer have bras on stage.; a young 11 year old boy was brought on stage, which the crowed booed because he was wearing a Pittsburgh Penguins hat. “Don’t boo an 11 yr old” Bryan reprimanded the crowd.” New York sports fans. His team beat my Nashville Predators, and I’m not even booing” he continued. The singer signed the boys shirt and sent him back to his seat.  What a guy!

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