Cafe Turns Waste Into Muffins

Author: Frank Williams Jr.

At Joe & the Juice, a coffee shop and juice bar chain, they’re baking muffins sure to please the most hardcore recyclers. Their pulp muffins are made from the scraps of their cold-pressed juices. So they’ve found a cool way to use what would be waste.

Right now the company is using about 50 pounds of pulp a week testing recipes in their Brooklyn baking facility. They’ve had success with similar goods in the U.K. and Scandinavia, but Kasper Garnell, the head of branding and communications for Joe & the Juice, calls the current recipe “a work in progress.”

Right now their high-fiber muffins come in two flavors: apple cinnamon, topped with oats, and a chocolate one made with sugar-free dark chocolate shavings. They’re made with gluten-free oats, eggs, almond flour, and are sweetened with honey.

They aren’t the most beautiful, Instagram-worthy muffins around, but that’s not the point. “It’s no secret that they don’t look super-interesting, or like normal muffins,” Garnell explains. “We’re trying to keep them as natural as possible.”

Source: New York Post

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