Dustin Lynch Shares ‘Current Mood’ Tracklist

Dustin Lynch’s third studio album, Current Mood, will be released on September 8. Today the singer shared that album’s complete tracklist.

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The tracklist may look familiar to fans who follow Lynch on social media. The singer has been posting photos of himself wearing T-shirts covered in what turned out to be song titles, lyrics, and the album’s sequence.

Check out the full tracklisting for Current Mood and some of Dustin’s t-shirts below.

Photo: Daniel Vorlet

1. I’d Be Jealous Too
2. Seein’ Red
3. Small Town Boy
4. Why We Call Each Other
5. Here We Come
6. Love Me or Leave Me Alone
7. Back On It
8. I Wish You Were Beer
9. State Lines
10. Party Song
11. New Girl
12. Why Not Tonight
13. Sun Don’t Go Down On That

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