Breaking News: Eric Church Releases 122 recordings from Holdin’ My Own Tour!

By Rebekah Heatherly

Take me to church!

There’s a reason they call him the Chief. First, Eric Church gives the middle finger to scalpers and develops a pre -sale method to eliminate secondary markets from the ticket buying process, then has a sellout tour this past year with no supporting acts on his Holdin’ My Own Tour, performing two full sets each night. Now, Church plans to release 122 brand new live recordings from the Holdin’ My Own Tour! The first 30 songs will be released tomorrow (September 1st)  in a exclusive partnership with Apple Music; the remaining songs will be made available through most major streaming platforms beginning September 15th.

Not only can fans expect live versions of Church’s biggest hits, but deep cuts and likely a few covers from the tour. Church performed a different cover song in each city he stopped in on the tour so there will be plenty to pick from for the collection.

The Grammy nominated artist posted a short video on all of his social media accounts without a caption. The short clip features various footage and gig posters from Holdin’ My Own Tour, along with the phrases “61 Days in Church” and “Relive the Holdin’ My Own Tour” promising a mystery project at the end of the teaser, making many speculate a DVD from the tour. This wouldn’t be the first time Church surprised his fans by releasing an unannounced album; when he dropped his Mr. Misunderstood album in 2015, there was no promotion or fanfare.

Watch the teaser video below!


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