Trapped Mexican Bakery Staff Bakes Tons of Bread for Harvey Flood Families

Author: Roxanne Steele

By:Roxanne Steele

After ever tragedy always comes these heartfelt stories of rescue and compassion. This is one of them.

A local Mexican bakery in Houston, Texas put their time to good use after flooding caused by Hurricane Harvey left them trapped inside for two days.  The 4 bakers at El Bolillo Bakery’s were waiting to be rescued and to past time they decided to make as many loaves of bread as possible.

Even as the flood waters rose and the uncertainty of it all,  they took advantage of still having their power  and used more than 4,200 pounds of flour to create hundreds of loaves and sheets of pan dulce.

Eventually the owner was able to get to them and discovered they had made SO much bread, that they had enough loaves to take to several emergency centers across the city for flood victims.  God bless these bakers and everyone helping the victims from Hurricane Harvey.


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