Kip Moore Surprises Fan With Living Room Performance

Author: Jason the 200 lb. Cowboy

Kip Moore treated one lucky fan to a performance she will never forget. The singer posted video on Facebook of him surprising a diehard fan named Caitlyn to a concert in her living room.

And if that looks good to you, there’s a chance you can be next. Kip shares that his plan is to do more of these surprise concerts, “here and there over the next couple months,” and encourages fans to comment on his site using #SLOWHEART if they want Kip to check out your page and see what a fan they are.

And…Kip is warning fans about fake social media pages. Apparently he’s been getting lots of messages from fans about bogus pages, so he took to Facebook to warn them, noting that his official page has a blue check mark, and it’s the only one they should concern themselves with. He apologizes to fans who may have been scammed but he urges them to do some research, and if someone messages them to check out the person’s page first and see if it’s legit.

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